Biggles Restaurant Menu

At Biggles we offer a continental menu. The food we provide is of a high quality.
Each week Manuel goes to the local markets to pick out the freshest produce for his recipes.

We cater for everyone and provide a high quality of service and food with our friendly atmosphere.
If given notice, Manuel will be happy to cook any dish of your choice.
(A 10% service charge will be added to your total bill)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Below is our current menu offering lunch and evening meals.

Our Mothers Day Menu for 2017 is £33.95 per person plus 10% Service Charge, and offers the following choices. We will be asking for a deposit to secure the booking
Soup of the day
Spicy Tiger Prawns
[King Prawns cooked in garlic, butter, chilli, white wine and brandy]
Hot Avocado
[Avocado with mushrooms, prawns and topped with gratin cheese]
Mushrooms Farcie
[Mushrooms stuffed with prawns and cheese, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried]
Fried Calamares
[Squid Rings coated in a light tempura batter and deep-fried.]
Prawn Cocktail
Scotch Smoked Salmon
Serrano Ham and Melon
[Slices of Serrano Ham served on a bed of melon]
All the main courses are served with a selection of vegetables in season or salad
Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding
[Traditional prime cut beef served with gravy and Yorkshire pudding]
Roast Leg of Lamb
[British best sliced leg of lamb served with gravy and mint sauce]
Chicken Portuguese
[Breast of chicken cooked with peppers, tomatoes, onions, red wine and brandy sauce]
Medallions of Fillet
[Three slices of fillet steak served in a sauce of Madeira wine brandy and cream]
Scotch Sirloin Steak
[Can be served plain grilled, with pepper sauce or with onion, mushroom and red wine sauce]
Veal a la Creme
[Thin pieces of Veal cooked with onions, musrooms and cream]
Grilled Sea bass
[It can be served whole or filleted]
Salmon Mama Mia
[A juicy poached fillet of salmon topped with a pink creamy sauce and prawns]
Vegetable Cannelloni
Vegetable Risotto
Mushroom Stroganoff
[Selection of home made desserts from the trolley follow by coffee... and mints.]
Our 3 Course Set Menu is available Tues to Thurs (Lunch & Dinner), and Friday Lunch. The price is: Lunch - £19.95 plus 10% service charge Dinner - £22.95 plus 10% service charge. (This menu is not available from the 1st to the 25th of December)
Cornet de Salmon
[Smoked Salmon rolled with prawns & Marie Rose sauce]
Deep-Fried Camembert
Fried Calamares
[Cooked in cream, garlic & white wine]
Soup of the Day
All the below Main Courses are served with a selection of fresh vegetables or salad
Breast of Chicken
[Plain or piri piri style]
Scotch Salmon
[Grilled or poached]
Steak Biggles
[Sirloin steak topped with stiltom cheese and port sauce.]
[Grilled or cooked in butter,prawns & mushrooms]
Veal Holstein
Beef Stroganoff
[Strips of fillet cooked with onions, mushrooms, red wine & cream]
Choice of Sweets from the trolley and Coffees
Deep Fried Camembert
Fried Calamares
Grilled Scallops rolled in Bacon
Escargot Bourguignon
Fried Whitebait
Deep Fried Mushrooms
[Served with garlic mayonnaise]
Frogs Legs Provecale
Hot Avocado
[Avacado with prawns, mushrooms & cheese]
Fresh Asparagus
Oriental Prawns
[Prawns rolled in pastry & deep fried]
Gambas Al Ajillo
[Prawns in garlic, butter, white wine, tomato & brandy sauce]
Spicy Tiger Prawns
[Prawns in garlic butter, white wine and chili.]
Melon with Prawns
Pate Maison
Prawn Cocktail
Melon in Season
Scotch Smoked Salmon
Avocado & Prawns
Jamon Serrano & Melon
Avocado Vinaigrette
Mediterranean Prawns
[served hot or cold]
Cornet de Salmon
[Smoked Salmon rolled with prawns & Marie Rose sauce]
Fresh Crab Cocktail
Avocado & Mango Salad
[Half an avocado, half a mango, prawns & Marie rose sauce]
Lobster Soup
French Onion Soup
Soup of the Day
Mushroom Soup
[Subject to availability]
Roast Duck
[With orange or black berry sauce]
Breast of Duck
[Cooked with an apricot & brandy sauce]
Chicken Kiev
[Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter]
Chicken Princess
[Breast of chicken with ham, cheese & asparagus]
Veal Marsala
[With mushrooms, onions & marsala wine]
Veal ala Creme
[With mushrooms, onions & cream]
Beef Stroganoff
[With onions, mushrooms, red wine & cream]
Medallion of Fillet
[Thinly cut steak with a brandy & Madeira sauce]
Tournedos Biggles
[Fillet steak topped with stilton & cheese sauce]
Tournedos Chasseur
[Fillet steak with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, red wine & brandy sauce]
Tournedos Rossini
[Fillet steak topped with pate, red wine & brandy sauce]
Sirloin Steak Bordelaise
[With mushrooms, onions & red wine sauce]
Pepper Steak
[Sirloin steak with peppercorns & cream sauce]
Beef Wellington
[Fillet steak, mushrooms, onions & pate, wrapped in pastry]
Rack of Lamb (for two)
[Cooked with rosemary]
Veal Cutlet
[Cooked with rosemary, orange, brandy & Grand Marnier sauce]
Chicken Portugese
[Chicken brest with peppers, white wine with a brandy & tomato sauce]
Spicy chicken Biggles
[Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with garlic butter, chilli and served with rice]
Sirloin Steak
Scotch Angus Rib of Beef
[for two]
Fillet Steak
Lamb Cutlets
T Bone Steak
Calves Liver & Bacon
Paella Marinera
[Shellfish, fish & rice]
Scampi Mornay
[Cooked with white wine & glazed with cheese]
Deep Fried Scampi
Dover Sole
[Approx 16oz Grilled or meuniere]
Trout Bretone
[Cooked in butter, prawns & mushrooms]
Fresh Lobster
[Priced to size]
Fresh Scotch Salmon
[Poached or grilled]
Fresh Swordfish
[In wine, brandy & cream sauce]
Grilled Trout
[Fish and Shellfish Casserole served with rice.]
Scampi Provencale
[Cooked with tomato, garlic & onions & served with rice]
Fresh Sea Bass
Sole Cardinale
[With mushrooms, prawns & lobster sauce]
Sole Bonne Femme
[In a mushroom, onion, white wine & cream sauce]
Fresh Halibut
[With prawns, white wine, brandy & cream sauce]
Rape Marinera
[Monkfish in wine, garlic, brandy & cream]
Lemon Sole Fillets
[With prawns, brandy & cream sauce]
Fresh Skate
[Grilled or with hot butter & capers sauce]
Steak Diane
Chicken ala Creme
[With Prawns, white wine, lobster, sauce & cream]
Crepe Suzette
[for two]
Crepe Fruit de Mer
[Seafood rolled in pancakes, topped with a lobster sauce au gratin]
Coquille St Jacques
[Scallops cooked with onions & mushrooms in a cream brandy & wine sauce]
Egg Florentina
[Spinach, ham & egg in a white wine sauce au gratin]
Moules Mariniere
[September to April inclusive]
Large Prawns
Mediterranean Prawns
[Grilled with garlic wine & brandy]
Fresh Crab Salad
Selection of Vegetables
Individual Vegetables
[Please check availability before ordering]
Salad in season
Filter Coffee
Special Coffee
Sweet from the trolley
Cheese Board from
Our 3 Course Sunday Lunch menu is currently £19.95 and £12.00 for children, plus 10% Service charge, and offers the following starters.
Soup of the day
Fried whitebait
Deep-fried mushrooms
[(Served with garlic mayonaise)]
Avocado vinaigrette
Prawn cocktail
Fresh Melon in Season
All the main courses below are served with a selection of vegetables in season and roasted potatoes
Roast Loin of Beef
[(Served with Yorkshire Pudding)]
Roast Leg of Lamb
Roast Loin of Pork
[(Served with crackling and home made apple sauce)]
Roast Breast of Chicken
[(Topped with bacon, and served with separate gravy)]
Grilled or Poached Scotch Salmon
Grilled Rainbow Trout
Cold Ham Salad
Our Sweet Trolley offers an ample variety of home made desserts where you can pick your choice.