Biggles Restaurant Menu

At Biggles we offer a continental menu. The food we provide is of a high quality.
Each week Manuel goes to the local markets to pick out the freshest produce for his recipes.

We cater for everyone and provide a high quality of service and food with our friendly atmosphere.
If given notice, Manuel will be happy to cook any dish of your choice.
(A 10% service charge will be added to your total bill)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Below is our current menu offering lunch and evening meals.

Our 3 Course Set Menu is available Tues to Thurs (Lunch & Dinner), and Friday Lunch. The price is: Lunch - £19.95 plus 10% service charge Dinner - £22.95 plus 10% service charge. (This menu is not available from the 1st to the 25th of December)
Cornet de Salmon
[Smoked Salmon rolled with prawns & Marie Rose sauce]
Deep-Fried Camembert
Fried Calamares
[Cooked in cream, garlic & white wine]
Soup of the Day
All the below Main Courses are served with a selection of fresh vegetables or salad
Breast of Chicken
[Plain or piri piri style]
Scotch Salmon
[Grilled or poached]
Steak Biggles
[Sirloin steak topped with stiltom cheese and port sauce.]
[Grilled or cooked in butter,prawns & mushrooms]
Veal Holstein
Beef Stroganoff
[Strips of fillet cooked with onions, mushrooms, red wine & cream]
Choice of Sweets from the trolley and Coffees
Deep Fried Camembert
Fried Calamares
Grilled Scallops rolled in Bacon
Escargot Bourguignon
Fried Whitebait
Deep Fried Mushrooms
[Served with garlic mayonnaise]
Frogs Legs Provecale
Hot Avocado
[Avacado with prawns, mushrooms & cheese]
Fresh Asparagus
Oriental Prawns
[Prawns rolled in pastry & deep fried]
Gambas Al Ajillo
[Prawns in garlic, butter, white wine, tomato & brandy sauce]
Spicy Tiger Prawns
[Prawns in garlic butter, white wine and chili.]
Melon with Prawns
Pate Maison
Prawn Cocktail
Melon in Season
Scotch Smoked Salmon
Avocado & Prawns
Jamon Serrano & Melon
Avocado Vinaigrette
Mediterranean Prawns
[served hot or cold]
Cornet de Salmon
[Smoked Salmon rolled with prawns & Marie Rose sauce]
Fresh Crab Cocktail
Avocado & Mango Salad
[Half an avocado, half a mango, prawns & Marie rose sauce]
Lobster Soup
French Onion Soup
Soup of the Day
Mushroom Soup
[Subject to availability]
Roast Duck
[With orange or black berry sauce]
Breast of Duck
[Cooked with an apricot & brandy sauce]
Chicken Kiev
[Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter]
Chicken Princess
[Breast of chicken with ham, cheese & asparagus]
Veal Marsala
[With mushrooms, onions & marsala wine]
Veal ala Creme
[With mushrooms, onions & cream]
Beef Stroganoff
[With onions, mushrooms, red wine & cream]
Medallion of Fillet
[Thinly cut steak with a brandy & Madeira sauce]
Tournedos Biggles
[Fillet steak topped with stilton cheese & Port sauce]
Tournedos Chasseur
[Fillet steak with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, red wine & brandy sauce]
Tournedos Rossini
[Fillet steak topped with pate, red wine & brandy sauce]
Sirloin Steak Bordelaise
[With mushrooms, onions & red wine sauce]
Pepper Steak
[Sirloin steak with peppercorns & cream sauce]
Beef Wellington
[Fillet steak, mushrooms, onions & pate, wrapped in pastry]
Rack of Lamb (for two)
[Cooked with rosemary]
Veal Cutlet
[Cooked with rosemary, orange, brandy & Grand Marnier sauce]
Chicken Portugese
[Chicken brest with peppers, white wine with a brandy & tomato sauce]
Spicy chicken Biggles
[Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with garlic butter, chilli and served with rice]
Sirloin Steak
Scotch Angus Rib of Beef
[for two]
Fillet Steak
Lamb Cutlets
T Bone Steak
Calves Liver & Bacon
Paella Marinera
[Shellfish, fish & rice]
Scampi Mornay
[Cooked with white wine & glazed with cheese]
Deep Fried Scampi
Dover Sole
[Approx 16oz Grilled or meuniere]
Trout Bretone
[Cooked in butter, prawns & mushrooms]
Fresh Lobster
[Priced to size]
Fresh Scotch Salmon
[Poached or grilled]
Fresh Swordfish
[In wine, brandy & cream sauce]
Grilled Trout
[Fish and Shellfish Casserole served with rice.]
Scampi Provencale
[Cooked with tomato, garlic & onions & served with rice]
Fresh Sea Bass
Sole Cardinale
[With mushrooms, prawns & lobster sauce]
Sole Bonne Femme
[In a mushroom, onion, white wine & cream sauce]
Fresh Halibut
[With prawns, white wine, brandy & cream sauce]
Rape Marinera
[Monkfish in wine, garlic, brandy & cream]
Lemon Sole Fillets
[With prawns, brandy & cream sauce]
Fresh Skate
[Grilled or with hot butter & capers sauce]
Steak Diane
Chicken ala Creme
[With Prawns, white wine, lobster, sauce & cream]
Crepe Suzette
[for two]
Crepe Fruit de Mer
[Seafood rolled in pancakes, topped with a lobster sauce au gratin]
Coquille St Jacques
[Scallops cooked with onions & mushrooms in a cream brandy & wine sauce]
Egg Florentina
[Spinach, ham & egg in a white wine sauce au gratin]
Moules Mariniere
[September to April inclusive]
Large Prawns
Mediterranean Prawns
[Grilled with garlic wine & brandy]
Fresh Crab Salad
Selection of Vegetables
Individual Vegetables
[Please check availability before ordering]
Salad in season
Filter Coffee
Special Coffee
Sweet from the trolley
Cheese Board from
Our 3 Course Sunday Lunch menu is currently £19.95 and £12.00 for children, plus 10% Service charge, and offers the following starters.
Soup of the day
Fried whitebait
Deep-fried mushrooms
[(Served with garlic mayonaise)]
Avocado vinaigrette
Prawn cocktail
Fresh Melon in Season
All the main courses below are served with a selection of vegetables in season and roasted potatoes
Roast Loin of Beef
[(Served with Yorkshire Pudding)]
Roast Leg of Lamb
Roast Loin of Pork
[(Served with crackling and home made apple sauce)]
Roast Breast of Chicken
[(Topped with bacon, and served with separate gravy)]
Grilled or Poached Scotch Salmon
Grilled Rainbow Trout
Cold Ham Salad
Our Sweet Trolley offers an ample variety of home made desserts where you can pick your choice.